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House & Office Relocation

We offer local relocation services for homes and offices. Built on years of experience and a sharp understanding of the business of movement, ShiftnSettle is known to provide high-quality moving services. Whether it is moving a small family or a large enterprise we can make this process quick, easy, and, of course, stress-free. We understand the diverse needs of various individuals and organizations. we can ensure a smooth relocation.


We find that underestimating the time and energy required to pack for a move is very common and it can be one of the most stressful aspects of planning for a move. Our professional, careful movers and packers are expertly trained to pack items of any quantity, value, or fragility, from a library of books to a cabinet of fine china. Professional packing services from MovenSettle will ensure that your items packed efficiently and transported safely.



We can provide various vehicles of different sizes & capacities according to our client’s requirement. The vehicles that we provide includes truck, pickup, covered van. This service is especially available throughout Dhaka city and its surrounding localities to all over Bangladesh. It is a 24/7 service. Our team and transport are prepared all time to provide service. No Hidden charge is demanded for night time moving.

Machineries load unload

Industry requires heavy machinery load-unload, transfer or installation. When you need to relocate factory or new machine unload from truck, container, or rise up any floor of building. We have a specialist labor team for industrial machinery load unload. Such as: generator, dying machine, embroidery machine. Any place of Dhaka city or any place of Bangladesh industrial area. We also provide automated machine based load-unload.

Electrical & Electronics

Working with Electrical devices always requires experience & proper knowledge. We offer a wide range of electrical devices uninstall & reinstall. Our professional technicians are ready to take any challenges regarding to any electrical devices. Our technicians are experienced in the assembly procedures of a variety of devices such as: AC, Gezer, Fan, Gas Burner, Curtain, Washing Machine, IPS etc.

Furniture Reopen & Install

Apart from offering relocation services, MovenSettle is also well known for its professional installation of home, auditorium, office and hospitality furniture. We are a one-stop shop for managing all kinds of furniture installation. Our technicians are experienced in the assembly procedures of a variety of high quality office cubicles and panel systems, ranging from the individual office to multiple office projects.

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Price list

Serial No. Accessories (Open-Fittings) Amount
O1. AIR CONDITION:i) Sprit AC ii) Window AC iii)Large AC 3,300/-, 2,200/-, 45,00/-
02. Gezer 3,000/-
03. IPS 1,800/-
04. LCD & LED TV 1,000-4,000/-
05. Celling Fan (Per Fan) 250/-
06. Tube Light Set 200/-
07. Gas Oven 250/-
08. Piano Moving Charge (with Transport shift) 9,000/-
09. Packing Man charge (with 1 Person) 8,00/-
10. Almeria 2/3/4/5/6 Doors 1,800 - 4,500/-
11. Gas charge {Split / Window} 2,800/-
12. Washing Machine 1200/-
Serial No. Type of Transport {With Labor} Amount
01. 1.5 Tons pickup {Dhaka city} without packing 5,000 - 5,500/-
02. 2 Tons pickup {Dhaka city} without packing 6,000 - 6,500/-
03. 3 Tons pickup {Dhaka city} without packing 8,500 - 9,000/-
04. 5 Tons pickup {Dhaka city} without packing 11,000 - 12,500/-
05. 3 Tons cover van {Dhaka city} without packing 12,000 - 13,000/-
06. 5 Tons cover van {Dhaka city} without packing 15,000 – 16,000/-
Any area if Transport going to move & shifting .
  • Local type: any place any time of Dhaka city.
  • Local: Any place of Dhaka city any time move & settle { up to 35 k.m distance }.
  • Inter district: All over Bangladesh from Dhaka city.
  • International: From Dhaka Up to any Airport, Railway Station, inland port, Sea port, Border side, Bus Station/Bus Terminal & etc.
  • Anywhere in the home from outside Dhaka city move & settle.


* যে সকল গ্রাহকরা ওয়েব সাইট এর প্রাইস লিষ্ট দেখে এবং সঠিক সার্ভিস নির্ধারন করে সার্ভিস নিবেন শুধুমাত্র সে সকল গ্রাহকরাই উক্ত প্রাইস লিষ্টের সুবিধা পাবেন।
* প্রাইস লিষ্টের বাহিরে কোন সার্ভিস থাকিলে তাহা মালামাল সার্ভে এবং এসেসমেন্ট করে দর নির্ধারন করা হইবে।
* বাসাবাড়ি বা অফিস বদল এর দামের সাথে কোনোরূপ পরিবহণ খরচ যুক্ত নয়।
* ঢাকা থেকে বাংলাদেশের যে কোন শহরে শিফটিং করতে চাইলে তাহা আলোচনা করে দর নির্ধারন করা হইবে, এ ক্ষেত্রে কোন নির্ধারিত ভাড়া নেই।
* পুরাতন বাসা হইতে নতুন বাসার দূরত্ব এবং কত তলা হইতে কত তলায় যাইবে তাহার উপর নির্ধারন করে ও উক্ত দর পরিবর্তন হইতে পারে।
* বাংলাদেশ ট্রাফিক কর্তৃক জারীকৃত নির্ধারিত সময়ের মধ্যে মালামাল স্থানান্তর করতে হবে। অন্যথায় আইনগত জটিলতা বাসার মালিককে বহন করতে হবে।


বাসা অফিসের আকৃতি, দূরত্ব অথবা মালামালের কোয়ালিটি ভেদে উক্ত প্রাইস লিস্ট এর পরিবর্তন, পরিবর্ধন এবং সংশোধন হইতে পারে যাহা করার সম্পূর্ন এখতিয়ার শিফট অ্যান্ড সেটেল এর।


Shifting home or office has always been associated with tension and fear of breaking and losing precious furniture and personal effects but this is no longer true. Thanks to Shiftnsettle who professionally managed home or office moving services. Shiftnsettle has assured a ‘No Mess, No Stress’ moving experience for thousands of individuals and families across Bangladesh since 2002. Moving a small apartment, penthouse, villa or a full community, Shiftnsettle has mastered the art and science of relocation with over 15000+ relocation in the last fourteen years making us one of the largest moving companies in the region. We are different from other ‘fly-by-night’ freelance operators. Our people are trained and we have a time-tested process that ensures that we adhere to promised schedules and complete our work with speed, accuracy, safety and most importantly with care. As a leader in the moving industry we have been entrusted by corporate companies to move their top and senior management not just within the city but also across countries. Individuals trust us for our speed and families for our sense of shared responsibility. We understand not just the physical aspect but also the emotional aspects of moving homes.

House or Office Moving
Material Packaging
Material Load Unload
Transportation Services


“Thank you for the wonderful service on both ends of this move. Everything went very smoothly, and each person – phone staff, crew chiefs, and movers – rates an A+ in my book. All the guys were terrific, and no one ever got impatient or irritable with each other or with me. You guys deserve your marvelous reputation!”


“I was most impressed by the precision of my team. My words of praise feel inadequate to the superiority of their technique and hard work, all of it done with wit and good cheer. After 42 years in one place, I anticipated the move with terror but, once underway, my team made me feels so safe that by our final farewell, I couldn’t believe how well things had gone. Bravo. Well done. Hip, hip, hooray!”


“The movers were very careful with my things, and I appreciated that they took the time to wrap everything up since it was raining. They even removed a window in order to fit my sofa in the apartment, which was awesome! I think they went above and beyond, and it was worth the money!” “Your customer service is truly outstanding. As you know I have been a long time client of Shiftnsettle. It is very obvious that your customer care is extremely important to you. I commend your service.


“None, none of the companies were even close to my experience with Movensettle – the entire package was just perfect – attitude, efficiency, speed, price (a bit pricey but worth every penny for preserved sanity). I have dealt with other moving companies countrywide and Movensettle is simply the best. You save us a lot of stress.”


“They were punctual and worked their tails off the entire time, no chatting or goofing. Professional team effort to complete the job. Communication and follow through was excellent. As an operations professional, I can say that your process is impressive. From initial contact to completion, everyone was “on target.” Informed, professional, courteous. Thank you!”




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